Healing Lyre Album New!

Hai, I’m music therapist. I released a new healing lyre album. The album can be downloaded here. https://linkco.re/GyAQp0fNIt’s been almost 25 years since I started playing lyre as a music therapist. Now I began to understand what the lyre can well and what kind of music best brings out the beauty of this instrument’s sound. Lyre needs songs composed for lyre. It is music that is easy to play for the performer of this instrument and pleasant to the listener.All songs in this album are my original songs.

When I was working as a music therapist I often improvised for patients at the bedside of the hospital according to the feeling of each patient at that moment. A song that leads you to take a deep breath, a song that lightens your heart, and a song that you can be immersed in warm memories. I’m no longer working in the field, but I composed the songs in this collection while envisioning different types of patients. Many of the patients I met at the hospital on that day have passed away but they are still smiling in my heart today. Whenever I compose, I feel like they would be watching over me and encouraging me from Heaven. thank you!

I hope that this album will bring peace to the hearts of each person who picks it up.

Yokohama 18.06.2023 Sakura K.