Leier(lyre) Music Sheet Collection IV Healing Songs is just released!

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This music collection contains 15 healing songs that I composed and 8 arrangements of classicalmusic and chansons. The last two songs are arrangements for two lyres. The range is based on a cd”’ soprano lyre, but it also includes songs that can be played with an e-d”’ lyre.

When I was working as music therapist, I often improvised at the bedside of each patient,depending on each patient’s condition at that moment. Songs that lead you to deep breaths, songs that lighten your heart, and songs that give you a warm feeling. The healing songs here were composed while envisioning various patients. What effect does each song have? Please play it yourself and feel it. I don’t think the effect you perceive necessarily matches what I intended. 10 people have 10 different feeling. However, ten different opinions always have something in common.

When I compose healing songs, I put a lot of idea into the melody stream, the rhythm andthe harmony. What kind of elements in each song have what kind of effect? Try playing whilethinking about that.

Every song has a recorded sound source that I performed. The way you listen to it dependson the song. On the last page, I introduced the sound source.I hope that this music sheet collection will bring a lot of joy to those who play it and those wholisten to it.